Find out how to become a full member of the Italo Orientale Chamber of Commerce .

At Italo Orientale Chamber of Commerce any Italian or foreign company interested in importing or exporting products from Italy or abroad can join, as outlined in Article 4 of our statute, available in full by clicking here .

4.1) The Chamber of Commerce is made up of Effective Members, Supporting Members and Aggregate Members. The Bari Chamber of Commerce is a founding member.

4.2) Full members are companies, companies, firms and aggregations and / or associations of companies, both Italian and foreign, which carry out an activity in the field of agriculture, crafts, trade, services and industry, a free art or profession. They are obliged to pay the membership fee as annually established by the Board of Directors, which can be reduced for companies established abroad.

4.3) Supporting members are the Bodies, Institutions, Italian and / or foreign companies that intend to support the CCIO, with the obligation to pay a fee determined by the Board of Directors.

4.4) Aggregate members are the individual natural persons who, believing in the activity and the purposes set by the Chamber of Commerce, decide to make their own contribution to it. They submit only the application form, they undertake to pay the required fees and are exempt from what is indicated in point 4.6. Exceptionally, on the proposal of the President, they can be exempted from paying the membership fee or pay a reduced fee, as established by the Board of Directors. They will not receive all chamber services.

4.5) The application for admission as a member must be addressed to the Board of Directors at the registered office.

4.6) The application must be accompanied by: – ​​a copy of a certificate of registration with the Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Agriculture and Crafts for Italian companies or equivalent certificate for companies and companies in foreign countries; – copy of the deed of incorporation and of the Articles of Association for Bodies, associations, foundations and institutes and relative resolution of adhesion of the competent body; – resolution of adhesion for public bodies; – copy of the VAT identification code for companies and businesses or equivalent attestation that confirms the exercise of business, in all other cases.

4.7) The Board of Directors decides on whether or not to accept the Chamber and notifies the interested party in writing. The decision of the Board of Directors is final and unappealable. The mere presentation of the application does not give rise to any rights towards the Chamber.

4.8) The membership fee must be paid at the time of submitting the registration application and will be returned if the Council decides not to admit it.

Here are some of the advantages.

1. Free first consultation services on :

  • International contracts
  • Digitizing documents
  • Intellectual Property Protection (IPO) eg. registration of trademarks and patents
  • Funding
  • Customs regulations

2. Services in agreement for CCIO Members :

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