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Why become a member of the chamber?


Facilitations in contacts between member companies and foreign countries, with the receipt by email for members only of offers and unique advantages.


Assistance in financing practices for internationalization or in the search for commercial, industrial and professional partners abroad.


Realization of events (conferences, seminars, etc.) aimed at cooperation and commercial exchange.

Conventions and concessions

Agreements and benefits for members from affiliated companies.

About Us

Italo Orientale Chamber of Commerce, founded in Bari in 1924, promotes and favors economic relations between Italy and foreign countries, with particular regard to the Eastern and Mediterranean ones.

To inform its members, it periodically draws up an information bulletin and provides with a newsletter sent by e-mail all information relating to international trade: requests and / or offers, international tenders, political, economic and legislative news.

One of the main purposes, as we have already said, is to promote and encourage the development of commercial, cultural, tourist and social exchanges between Italy and the countries to the east of Puglia.

To allow this type of exchange, it is necessary to make known and appreciated the “made in Italy” with particular attention to the reference territory, promoting collaboration between companies from different countries through the dissemination of information, including economic ones.

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New commitment to relaunch exports The Assembly of members of the Eastern Italian Chamber of Commerce (Ccio) has renewed the corporate offices. Antonio Barile reconfirmed

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