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Conclusive Workshop of the advertising initiatives in Balkan area

20th January 2009


A final workshop, organized by ICE and Basilicata Region, together with the Province of Matera and the Camera di Commercio Italo Orientale, registered the results obtained by three economic- institutional missions in Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Macedonia.It deals with extremely positive data concerning the promotion and the internationalization of Basilicata industrial system in those territories and the import-export support.During the meeting, the informations about the social-economic situation of the area have been exemplified by tracing perspectives of investments and commercial relationships.Besides, the operators from the four mentioned nations were available to meeetings business to business from which, one hopes, there would ensue new opportunities of cooperation among different firms.

In this context, the Camera di Commercio Italo Orientale, represented by its Vice President, Dott. Vincenzo Posa, has signed an agreement of cooperation with Mr. Darko Konjevic, Executive Director of MBA, Montenegro Business Alliance, an association of entrepreneurs established in September 2001 and representing the main voice of montenegrin contractors.At the present time, the MBA has more than 500 members including entrepreneurs, firms, associations, banks, insurance agencies and some of the main investors of the country.The association is particularly active in creating a favourable business sphere for its members and reducing the taxes under the rate of 10%.

The MBA carefully follows some strategic sectors as the energy, the working of wood, the tourism and many others and publishes a yearly list of the firms.This Agreement, together with the last one signed in September 2008 between the Camera di Commercio Italo Orientale and the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro, is a further example of how does CCIO care about the development of relationships between Italy and the Adriatic countries.

In the Agreement there will be an exchange of informations and a mutual support in the referring areas useful for the members of both associations.

The Camera di Commercio Italo Orientale wants to give a more and more qualified service to its firms to ease their occasions of contact

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