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Press Conference - 11th edition LEVANTE INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST

Report Press Conference

Eleventh edition of Levante International Film Fest chaired by Mimmo Mongelli and presented this morning at the press conference in the Chamber of Commerce of Bari.

"Each year the event is declined on a different theme - debuted Mongelli - which may also include other sectors and disciplines, from ecology to energy, and in this edition will be the" Metropolis "(from which the name of a sections, ed.). Around the city are living most of the lives of person and this allows, through the lens of cinema, which is a creative form, to investigate everything that is approaching to the city and in the city, urbanism, civic participation, even religion as urban and culture cluster. "

With Mongelli, the general director of the Festival, Matteo Martinelli, who illustrated the substantial programme of projections, but also of meetings with writers and directors, workshops and debates. "Fundamental - he says - not only in this edition, the support received and also by virtue of the issues of the festival - by the University of Bari and Politecnico", represented respectively by prof. Nicolò Giovanni Carnimeo and the Pro-rector Vicar Loredana Ficarelli. "Our initiatives - said Martinelli – are made for students; we are looking for a pro-active collaboration of universities and academies in which students can test themselves with practical experience, because the festival has always been intended as a platform for experimentation and preparation for vocational training. "

Four macro-section, Ponente, Metropolis, LIFF Work Out and Award, until 6 December 2013 in different locations, not only Bari. It 's the most important new feature of this eleventh edition: the creation, in collaboration with Società Cooperativa Up Arte, of a roman branch of LIFF, PONENTE INTERNATIONAL FILM FEST, the first secrion of the Festival, already in full swing from October 19 (full program on the website www.levantefilmfest.com). Largely autonomous in their respective appointments, #PONENTE and #LEVANTE sections converge in the AWARD, December 3 to 6, in conjunction with the screenings of the films in competition. In Bari screenings will be held at Multicinema Galleria which will host the final event of the awards in live streaming.

Among the several prizes, including a plaque that will award Best Film by the National Union of Italian Film Critics, one of the partners of the festival. The section includes 33 works selected by Rosa Ferro on 120 received by the secretariat of the competition, between short films and documentaries, coming from Germany, Great Britain, USA, Australia, Japan, UAE, Vietnam, among others, and of course Italy. Two premiere, a European premiere and a lot of national premiere. The movies are divided into three categories: Custom, Investigation and Experience. The Panels of the Award is: Roland Sejko, Guido Chiesa and Vito Santoro, SNCCI (Custom), Pau Mirabet, Carlo Luglio and Guido Gentile, SNCCI (Investigation); Isabella Aldovini, Ana Jamimska and Davide Magnisi, SNCCI (Experience) .

"As a Chamber of Commerce” – added the lawyer Natale Mariella, in representation of  Chamber of Commerce and Italo-Orientale Chamber of Commerce – “the Levant Film Festival every year gives us the opportunity to paint a building very often gray". In reference to specialist workshops (December 2 to 4) on the Tax Credit to film companies organized by Levante and promoted by CCIO with the support of the Province of Bari and the Chamber of Commerce of Bari adds: "Today we know that it also creates economy with the Cinema. The instrument of the tax credit is not just pure funding to the sector, but also support to outside investors who nevertheless need the support of professionals informed on the matter." "Interesting” - said Elio Sannicandro, Councillor for Urban Planning of the Municipality of Bari – “the theme of "City", is certainly not easy to be analyzed in its entirety, especially when you are immersed in the reality that we try to investigate and that is constantly changing ".

"I think” - said Nuccio Altieri , Vice-President and Head of Culture of the Province of Bari – “that the best survives in a moment of crisis like this. This is a festival that is, for no coincidence, celebrating its eleventh edition, a festival that believes that the Culture is a winning lever. And, indeed , the Culture in our region has not reached the saturation level, but on the contrary still offers spaces to create your own business".

The first event of the festival is on November 18 at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literature of Bari with the regional premiere "Open Heart" in collaboration with Emergency.

In this 11th edition, LIFF is supported by mediapartner RadioSoundCity that will give us the opportunity to follow the most important events of the Festival trough its frequencies (http://www.radiosoundcity.net/)

Full programme, trailers and info on movies at: www.levantefilmfest.com

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