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23th Dicember 2010

Mediterranean prize Federico II: report of the event

The Castle of Conversano Marchione prose, poetry and music accompanied the original story by Angela Campanella titled "Faces of the Moon", with special caption "roots, visions and horizons of Santa Fizzarotti Selvaggi". The preface of the book is of the brilliant journalist and editor of San Marino RTV, Lasorella Carmen: "... A walk on the edge of the emotions and memories, where reality gives way to fantasy, then steps aside to let them back up. A game of returns, sometimes naive, however, at the tip of a pen. After all, Angela Campanella said the truth, in his dedication: Santa, I see you like the women in the history of which I write in my novels". A book of surprise where the art and poetry of Santa Fizzarotti, is the setting of the unfolding important lives of men and women of Bari, in the last two centuries passed in a sea full of memories. The intellectual combination of Angela Campanella and Santa Fizzarotti is the essence of Mediterranean culture, and the video made together: "Paolo Finoglio, court painter", "Giuseppe De Nittis, the painter of light" and "The castles of sun, life and legend of Frederico II", had taken the images that ran on the big screen and accompanied the evening. And in this kind of evening could not miss the Emperor Frederico II of Swabia, a large maker of implants castles that have enriched the lands of Puglia and Basilicata, and that defy the ravages of time for centuries. Silvio Panaro, President of the Italian Eastern Chamber of Commerce, gave to Carmen Lasorella, the "Mediterranean Prize Federico II", on the grounds: "... for his great social commitment proved even beyond national borders to solve problems concerning the status of women and sustainable peace, as demonstrated by the intense production of books and television reportage, particularly on Lebanon and Syria, as well as in many African and Asian countries". The award to Carmen Lasorella is part of the Mediterranean project of the Italian Eastern Chamber of Commerce "Empire of Dreams: by Federico II to the Third Millennium", which aims to implementation of a Mediterranean Federiciana Fair with the participation of numerous Italian and foreign nationals linked to the common name of the Norman Swabian emperor. After the awards the evening continued with the recital "Music and Words". Excerpts taken from the story and the preface to the book have been read and recited by the voice of Professor Gianni Lenti, introduced by the piano music, played by the pianist Sara Dimattia from Gravina di Puglia The music is in fact one of the dominant themes of the book and sound emerged from the enchanted violin of Franco Mezzena, who added art to art. The evening ended with the reading of a poem about Christmas: Santa Fizzarotti read his short but very meaningful part. Its Italian version was followed by a French version, translated by Gianni Lenti, read by Angela Campanella, a German version, translated and read by Gianni Lenti, and then an Arabic version, translated and read by the Jordanian architect Ibrahim Badran. (Alessandra Barnaba)


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