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Agreement between CCIO and Chamber of Commerceof Prahova (RO)

april 19th 2011

Agreement CCIO and Chamber of Commerce of Prahova (RO)

In the historic and picturesque scenery of the Academy of Romania in Rome, the Camera di Commercio Italo Orientale and the Chamber of Commerce of Prahova signed a Memorandum of Understanding for three years which aims to develop relations between the Italian and Romanian and to establish a bond of common economic interests and objectives between the both countries.

The agreement, signed by the President Antonio Barile (CCIO) and the President Gogulescu Aurelian (CCIPh), involves the development of cooperative projects and exchange of economic information on markets, support local businesses, organization, promotion and sponsorship of economic visits and business missions in both countries, in order to safeguard the knowledge of investment opportunities, joint ventures and business beneficial to the development of both nations.

Romania is one of Italy's most important partners in international trade. The County (legally equivalent to an Italian region) is the territory of Prahova with the second highest GDP in Romania after Bucharest.

The economy of Prahova County has evolved steadily, helped by the presence of natural resources and oil. The activities are particularly well developed in the fields of petrochemical, agriculture and tourism. The existence of six industrial parks offers a number of advantages for economic development and financial companies. The program provides special incentives in taxation for investors.

Finally, linguistic communication is quite simple thanks to the common Latin root.


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