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Commercial mission in Ukraine

25th June 2008

Commercial mission in Ukraine

The entrepreneurial commercial mission in Ukraine organized by Ukrainan consulate in Apulia and Molise, successfully concluded. The Italian delegation has been busy from 11 to 14 June to realize a massive entrepreneurial mission to start in the next months. Delegation components were: Lorenzo De Fronzo, Italian onorary consul of Ukraine for Apulia and Molise; Raffaele Fasano, president of the internationalization commission of Confindustria Apulia; Fulvio Mezzana, responsible of legal affairs of harbor authority in Bari; Domenico Di Marsico, entrepreneur in graphics; Laura De Candia, responsible of internationalization area for Confindustria Bari. The mission had an informative purpose, as to understand the opportunities of investments and economic cooperation. Not less important is the purpose to realize a direct information exchange to ease economic relationships between the province of Bari and Ukraine. The mission had two sites: Kiev and Odessa. In Kiev the delegation obtained important meetings with Mrs. Laura Lauri, director of ICE office in Kiev and with the vice president of Ukraine Confindustria (ULIE) Oleksandra Blavsdevich, together with the adviser of international relationships department, Svetlana Kutseva. So started the basis for a profitable cooperation with Confindustria Ukraine that will soon seal by the realization of a protocol to let the operative agreement, official. The delegation has then visited the Ukrainan Chamber of Commerce, received by the vice president Anatoly Tymoshenko, together with Koral Valerly, director of international economic relationships, Vicotria Sabadash, officer of the same department, Yurly Zamuda, chief of Euro Info Center Point. With the transfer to Odessa many other important meetings. Yuriy Chircov, chief of international economic relationships department for the Chamber of Commerce in Odessa and then Mikhali, chief of harbor external relationships and development department, that received the delegation at Odessa harbour. During this meeting the harbour authority of Bari has seen concrete possibilities of mutual cooperation. The final assessment of the mission has been defined as positive by delegates thanks to reached aims. There are in Ukraine the right links to realize in the next months an exclusively entrepreneurial mission based on concrete business meetings. The greatest opportunities have been founded for the colza oil, chemical products (basically fertilizers and composts as urea), steel-metallurgic products.


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